Our history
Since 2009 we’ve been searching for R&D&I funding and have published thousands of opportunities in our Atalis Funding database.
We are a team of professionals who believe in building respectful work spaces and dynamics that are economically and socially sustainable. Our headquarters are located in Minorca and we are well aware of the importance of innovating and diversifying our community’s economy.

We want to share Atalis Funding’s energy by expanding and increasing the possibilities and opportunities of everyone we work with.

Our values


We feel we are part of the teams we collaborate with, supporting them on a daily basis, and we’re committed to providing superlative customer service. A long-term approach and spirit of partnership and mutual trust are at the heart of all our client relationships. For us it’s essential to know the teams we work with in depth, so we’re able to provide tailor-made services built upon personal and professional excellence.


The information we provide is critical: we know the importance of accurately communicating the details of research and innovation funding opportunities. We are well acquainted with the field of research and innovation, and we adapt to the management and communication processes of the funding applicants. We’re trusted with the first step in obtaining competitive funding, and we work every day to meet and exceed your expectations.


We like to take care of the teams we work with, from management staff to potential beneficiaries. We create work environments where meeting your needs is our primary goal. We are thorough, and like to make that extra effort in customer service. We want to know your team, and understand your needs and interests to ensure you achieve your goals.
Our grants database references more than 200,000 million euros in national and international funds, both public and private. Because of the diversity of funding needs, we curate these grants and funding opportunities.
We specialize in grants and funding opportunities from different fields and areas, from basic science to the creation of technology-based start-ups and academic spin-offs.

They trust us

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