We offer subscriptions to our funding database for R&D&I to universities, technology or research centers, business hubs, tech startup accelerators and private companies.

Focus areas

We cover funding opportunities for basic, clinical and translational research. We cover public and private grants from national and international funding sources: the European Commission, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Michael J. Fox Foundation, NARSAD, etc. We search for additional resources such as access to large computing
infrastructures or bio-banks, and we cover basic science to drug development, including funding for exploratory research.
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We know the academic world and its needs very well, and we adapt to each organization’s workflow, departments and internal structure to facilitate the dissemination of funding opportunities.

We like to feel we’re part of the team, and we work hand-in-hand with you to keep your entire academic

community informed about the latest news. We aim to save you time so management teams can focus on higher value-added tasks.

We help you raise funds and increase the amount of funding you obtain. We cover mobility, human resources, research projects, complementary initiatives, transfers and internal channels of aid at each university.

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Innovation and Start-ups
Entrepreneurship is very important to us, especially in academic areas. Helping entrepreneurs obtain grants and funding for acceleration, development and innovation is our goal. We identify innovation funding for prototype testing, staff recruitment, intellectual property protection and everything necessary to launch a start-up. Loans
and co-funded grants are also covered.
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Our action plan

Strategic analysis


We custom-design your funding map, considering eligibility, scope, subject matter in which you work, your keywords and – above all – your needs. We curate the content, reducing the amount of raw data, and we focus on your interests.

Our team takes into account the smallest details in their search for grants: is there co-funding? Is the grant equity free? Are your intellectual property rights protected? Is there a limit on the number of proposal submissions per applicant?

Before adding new data to our funding opportunities search engine we make sure that your specific needs are taken into account.

Tracking and monitoring

Tracking and

We base our grants and funding updates on your needs. We keep the grants database up-to-date and we inform you about news and changes concerning submissions: publication of rules and requirements, submission periods, publication of results, deadline extensions… You’ll know that everything is under control and you won’t have to spend time reading disparate information sources, following Twitter, individual websites etc. You’ll be able to manage your submissions without worrying about anything.



All funding programs have the same structure in our database: we explain what is funded, for whom, how to apply, and evaluation criteria. We identify all necessary documentation for the research and development application, as well as deadlines and useful links. Thus you’ll find all the information you need in one accessible, clear and concise location.

We adapt the look and feel of our search engine and integrate it within your website so it’s perceived as an internal service. We support single sign-in so users can access the database with existing credentials.

To further disseminate the information we collect, we publish a newsletter about R&D&I funding. You’re kept informed about awards, events, new strategies and policy papers, partner searches, budgetary news and calls for research and innovation submissions.



For those organizations with R&D&I management offices, we offer submissions management software where you can set up two internal deadlines: expression of interest (by sending a form through the website) and the institution’s internal deadline. Management information can also be added for each opportunity: contacts, instructions and internal documents. By reducing the time that management teams have to devote to grants research, we allow them to focus on higher value-added tasks, like advising their research staff on proposals.

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